Land sale

everyone this is Ryan Mitchell with the

tiny today I wanted to do a

video on how I go about looking for land

searching for land this is something

I've been doing over the past year at

this point so I've learned some things

that I wanted to share about how to kind

of make your land search journey a

little bit easier and one of the tools

and this is what I'm gonna mainly do the

video on today is Zillow and I'm not

sponsored by own they're not paying me

for this this is just honestly the tool

that I found after trying lots and lots

of them that works the best for me

others may work better for you but I

guess I'll started I was saying that you

know the first thing I had to do was get

super clear on what I actually needed

not what I kind of thought in my head of

you know this was important or not where

the case is and you know I initially

kind of said oh well you know I'd like

to have twenty acres I think and all

this kind of stuff and and then I

realized that when I actually sat down

and thought about what I was going to

actually do at my you know the property

that I was looking to buy then I could

you know I realized basically that I

didn't need as much land as I thought I

did so I ended up meeting only three

acres of really good land and if

anything else beyond that was you know

basically anything beyond three acres I

just saw his bonus and what I said you

know I kinda find what is good acreage

for me and it was pretty flat need to be

mainly pasture or flat enough woods that

I could clear some pasture in it needed

to be within an hour drive of a certain

location I ideally you had water in it

if not I could get utilities to it

things like that

so from there I started using the tool

so I have an account here Zillow this is

my little account so the main thing that

I'm going to show you here is your saved

searches your saved homes and then kind

of I'm gonna go through some examples to

show you the things that I'm looking for

that I will rule out or property from so

here we go

so once you've your account you're able

to do these searches right you you know

you do let's just say Charlotte North

Carolina okay and you can do these

different filters you can see I have

houses manufactured in lots and lands

and then some acreage here and days on

Zillow things like that so we said here

Charlotte we have different listing

types I always do for sale by agent and

by owner I'm now keyword new

construction or coming soon foreclosures

the the thing with foreclosures right

now in the market this is what I learned

is that foreclosures are basically going

for a full asking price so you're not

always finding a good deal there at this

current market and usually there's a lot

of competition for those as well

alright now the market is very I guess

hot if you will so there's been multiple

times where I was like I found a

property in the morning I schedule a

thing to go see that afternoon and as

was driving there it went under contract

so that kind of gives you idea I usually

take off potential listings here and I

don't do any of those I play with the

prices a little bit here you know I was

shooting for around a hundred thousand

dollars but what I also did was I said

okay at a hundred and thirty thousand

dollars I may be able to walk

down to around 100 so you know

understand that if your limit is

something maybe there's a you know a

little bit higher price point that you

can kind of negotiate down to so that

opens up a few more options if things

are slim pickins and I leave it at zero

for minimum I'm not looking for a house

necessarily so I don't does any beds and

then like I said I'm looking for houses

ultimately what I'm doing is I'm looking

for land but the reason why I have

manufactured and houses is I'm hoping to

find a piece of land that's really good

then has like a house that is total

trash or manufactured home that is total

trash but what it does have is

connection to a you know power line it

probably has a septic and it probably

has well and with a house and it

manufactured home there I know that

those three things are in place so I

wouldn't have to pay for those later on

so if I can find a real beter house or

manufacture at home then I can make a

deal you know haggle on the price feels

like wow you know this is a you know

total fixer-upper I'm gonna have to put

so much money into it and then I can

actually just eventually take it down

and keep all the utility connections for

whatever I want to do later on because

you know utilities sewer and drilling

well have a price tag so you know if I

could buy these houses that have those

there for me already that's that's a big

benefit for here the more filters I put

three acres and up sometimes I'll tweak

this to two and a half you know just to

kind of see like if it's 2.9 or

something like that then that's fine and

what I did when I first started I did

any okay and that means all days on

Zillow but I now gone through several

times and found that I've kind of looked

at all the stuff that's been on the

market for super-long and now I keep up

with it so I

you said 230 days so I only see like the

more recent stuff and you hit apply

there okay so obviously in the sharp in

this you know Charlotte area there looks

like there's one I guess it's the

acreage so if we put this down to one I

bet we got more not too many more

how about 0.25 there we go okay so you

can kind of see here now if I'm looking

for land and this is a big city so I'm

not expecting to find mail and

opportunities but when you go through

through here you click over here and you

can pull up the thing now you see

listings with no photos so that's kind

of unfortunate sometimes sometimes it's

a really good thing because if the

listing agent of the property was too

lazy to put up pictures most people will

just skip over them

but if you have a good address here and

you're using Firefox I'll select it and

then I'll do search for Google for and

what it'll do is it'll bring up a Google

map right away and then I click that and

since I'm looking for land I'll switch

to satellite and most people don't know

this feature but if you hit if you hold

down the control key and then click with

your mouse and hold the mouse at the

same time you can tilt it so it's 3d and

then you zoom in and you can see the

topography of the land now this isn't

how much you see trees and houses and

everything but if we're in the mountains

we could see a lot of the contours so we

can kind of evaluate it the land is flat

or not if it's usable or not so that's a

little trick if you don't see any photos

but there's a solid address on the

listing here then you can actually you

know go in and and maybe pursue that

where other people might not so some

other things that I'm looking

on a listing here is you know I'll read

this and an investor opportunity usually

means the total beter and needs a lot of

work or whatever you know the the

auction calm stuff when I see this I

usually skip it over because that's like

the foreclosure stuff not a good thing

at this point the the big keywords I'm

looking for here for me for land is I'm

looking for the word community HOA

restrictions you know no mobile homes

allowed or whatever the case is there

you know these are things that I want

unrestricted land and if I see those

words those are typically you know goes

for me so those are some of the things

that let's let's find a land one here if

you want to save this you can so that

you don't have to do this searching and

the filtering every time you can hit

save search you can name it and you can

even have them email it to you if you

want I just have it set up here I'm

going to show you that now so save

searches see okay so I got one kind of

we got a couple here so we're gonna look

at this one here so a couple pictures

we're just gonna open those up alright

so obviously I can see that this is

probably a pretty steep property has a

good view which means it's up there may

be really good for just a single home

site but not a large like garden and and

farm space kind of thing you know just

views you know driveways or a good thing

because especially paved driveways

because one of the big things is you

need to factor in is the cost of access

to the land so you know seeing things

like this is good usually when they they

just take pictures in the woods from the

road you know it means it's it's not

cleared it's probably kind of steep in

some cases they're always gonna take the

best pictures and they're gonna trick

you I've gotten tricked so many times so

you can kind of see like it looks like

it kind of drops off here

but they make it look real good right so

you know we just have these pictures

here this one has a lot but well let's

go back here look where we go

so all right here okay so you can see

right here it looks like a roof line so

your view may be obscured by a roof line

so what I would do is I try to pull map

and see if I could find like how close

is that the house you'll typically see

this like 999 or zero zero zero or

something like that that means that they

don't actually have an official address

so if you google it it won't come up so

you know looking for a mountain retreat

income-producing in an established


okay that's code words for we have an

HOA which for some people is really good

for other people it's not my case I

would seem that I would instantly skip

over and I would hit this hide button so

it doesn't come up later

let's see several level building sites

your mileage may vary when you hear that

term but sometimes it's a good thing

let's see old hardwoods and a mountain

stream you know having surface water is

really great the one thing you got to

watch out for is is it in a flood zone

because they maybe give you a real good

deal on something that's in a flood zone

but no bank will ever let you build a

house on a mortgage in a flood zone I am

you know if you're gonna spend all that

money why do you want to build in a

flood zone answer is you probably don't

so you can sue the Lots here let's see

anything else you know days on Zillow

know people have saved this here and

I'll kind of click here I'll list it for

sale so that you know for this round

it's like no price drops yet but at

least this round

it's only been on the market for less

that day now sometimes they'll cheat and

they'll do little squirrelly things so

that it looks like when they relisted

it's only been on the market for a while

but sometimes with

listed then the pulled off and then a

couple months later they listed again so

I've looked at the pictures I saw this

little key word here established

neighborhood it's not for me I'm gonna

hit hide all right I'll close that so

here's one of the properties that I'm

kind of looking at you're I talked about

a beater home okay this would qualify

ninety-nine thousand dollars for a four

bed and this is four point six eight

acres alright so what things I'm looking

for here you see this power line right

here okay I know it has power to the

site that means I may not have to spend

thousands of dollars for the Power

Company to run power I see

a satellite dish they may not have cable

may not have internet okay that's

something that I have to check on if I'm

gonna consider this property you know I

see it it's open and cleared so that's

good that's like a pasture that I may

not have to do if I were just to take

this down this could very well be a

future home site for me in depending on

the house you know I could renovate it

and fix it up I'm not against that but

you know some houses are just too far

gone and here's some pictures the inside

so you know kind of get a vibe for what

this kind of place is you kind of

understand why it's ninety-nine thousand

dollars right and and what I'm doing is

what I'm looking at land I'm just

skipping over this right I'll look at it

but what I'm usually doing is I'm just

skipping ahead here to till I see land

shots okay so I can kind of see some

stuff here there's a line power line


alright here's a shot you notice there's

a shed and look at how much green mold

is it could be like a really wet soppy

place so maybe there's like some

drainage issues or it could just be you

know old and weathered and I'm looking

in the background for other houses to

see how close it is you know like

there's a little barn there is that

the barn on this property or someone

else's property that's a nice looking

field I could do something with those if

it is part of the property

a little oil tank you know you gotta

watch out for oil tanks especially the

Buried ones that could be an extra cost

I see a power pole back there and what

looks like a little shooting blind up

there so okay they got some outbuildings

these are the things that I could

potentially use or fix up and things

like that or reclaim the wood whatever

the case is you know there's nice big

open spots here's the back of the house

and now here's a trick that they do and

I see this a lot is you see this fence

here this very much could be the realtor

standing at the edge of a property and

taking a picture of the neighbor's yard

and I've had that happen to me so many

times they're like oh look at these

these great pastures but it's not the

land that they're selling

it's the neighbor's land which is you

know super frustrating so just

understand you got to take these

pictures with a grain of salt now one

thing I noticed here I see these lines

see one two three maybe four and they're

there they look like bigger lines that

may mean that there's power towers near

here like a long you know big high

tension or high-voltage power lines and

that's one of the deal breakers that

I've set for myself I don't want to be

near power lines get a big ones I don't

mind like the ones connecting the house

or anything but large transmission lines

is something I don't want so I wouldn't

need to pull a map to see if those are

actually power lines more more house

pictures there's another shed there's a

lot of outbuildings on this and there's

that looks kind of flattish you know

like I see la over like scrub brush but

I cannot bush hog that and do that so

alright this

is looking like maybe some potential

maybe some not we don't know quite yet

so we're just gonna pull up in the map

because we have a good address here

we're gonna switch over to satellite

this is in Google Maps and it looks like

this is the property alright so control

and we hold the toggle and this is the

house that is in question so it looks

like there's a house there there's a

driveway that goes probably to that

house right there oh there's another

house back there there's a nice-looking

house there you can tell a nice

manicured lawn tree farm right here you

know I'm thinking that this property

that's interesting is either it's

probably this kind of area or maybe this


I don't know abuses 4.6 acres that's not

small and then there's just lying here

that could be powerful Zoar that could

just be a seem in the pictures we're

gonna have to find out the other thing

we can do is take our little man we put

it right here so we get street view now

we're gonna look is it's this direction

so the house is somewhere back there

yeah those are just fences okay

somewhere in there is the house so those

are those lines so that's a small pole I

might be okay with that

um we're down here looks like an

entrance or something now we're go we'll

just go back to map here so we were

right there

so you know the I mean this has some

potential because I mean if we look at

it that's pretty darn flat it has power

to it there's a you know I don't see

like a ton of you know things like like

a trailer park that's real run-down or

junkyard or something like that

nearby so this isn't Bakersville North

Carolina so what I'm gonna do is zoom

research Bakersville North Carolina GIS

and basically the GIS is the municipal

way that cities kind of do all their


taxes and their plot stuff you know

finding parcel lot lines and whatnot

all right we're gonna see this and every

single one of these is different but

usually you want to look for layers I

like to turn contours and then we're

we're looking for photography maybe ah

there we go all right I'm going to

trough contours for a second all right

so looks like our lot right here is

right there okay and this is the 47

woody hills and we can see looks like

our lot lines are this so like it has

some good good pastures in it right like

it's most of this here and I can kind of

if you right click you do measure


and your first one's gonna be where you

right-clicked and your second one will

be there where you click again so that's

200 feet right there and then we'll go

click there and then that was like a 250

feet so just like an acre and a half of

cleared land that's really nice it looks

like and then the house and things like

that and then layers we're go to layers

here return contours we already know

this but you can kind of see the contour

line so it's very very flat here but you

can see it's gets steeper over there and

another thing I want to show you is

flood hazards all right we're going to

turn on that we're just trying to get it

doesn't look like so we just want to

make sure that sometimes they put roads

along streams right because that's the

flat part so we just want to make sure

that this isn't a flood zone it probably

isn't because there's a bunch of houses

here so this is a property that I would

be interested in looking at or at least

getting more information on at this

point right because home needs a lot of

TLC we knew that the land is perfect for

farm animals if they're saying for farm

animals it probably means that there

isn't any restrictions right because you

know if they're saying farm animals most

HOAs would never dream of mentioning

that Rebels Creek flows through the

front of the property okay what did I

say guys it probably has a little stream

here we can't see it but we look now we

know that because we've read that we

need to make sure that there is no flood

zone thing here it probably isn't but

it's just one of those things we need

check out with some land cleanup you

could in

Hansa property Beauvoir okay yeah great

so you know 4.6 acres I'm looking here

for you know anything that mentions an

HOA or restrictions spring on property

so that's interesting right

52 shoppers have it's been on Zillow for

two days that's it that's interesting so

a lot of people are are interested in

this taxes here 781 usually you can find

the taxes in here I don't know

specifically for you know this system

but most of them have it where you can

find taxes and the owner and things like

that that's really useful so you know

this is a property that I would reach

out to my my real estate agent because

it's in my area does not restrictions it

has utilities it has the acreage it's

flat needs a whole lot of work or just

or a match you know it's one of the

other but I think those are some really

interesting options for us here so

that's that property you can see here

that you can actually draw on the map

with this let me get out of those just

go to 0 and just say Charlotte again I

don't want to mess up my we'll try that

all right so let's say that we wanted a

certain area we could hit this little

draw thing and you do this on the phone

too but you actually just click hold and

drag so maybe you don't want to be in

Belfair you want to be on this side of

these ley excuse there's some bridges

you don't want to cross this up here

might be a little bit of a not great

area so you're gonna not include that

and we'll do that so you see you can

kind of really be specific about the

areas that you want by drying us and you

can actually save this as a save search

and then you hit apply and bam you'll

find your your things here so you know

we got some property 14,000 might be

moving to ya Washington or however you

say that sorry for those that are

actually from there you know and just

some more property we're evaluating it

you know looking at the land and things

like that you can see oh looks like eye

drops off you'd see some skyline over

there it's either cleared or a big

drop-off probably a big drop-off but

anyway guys that's kind of how I go

through and approve like look for

property if I'm just trying to find land

these are some tips and tricks that I've

kind of just learned you know doing my

searches so that I have you know things

automatically highlighting them for me

so I'm not searching every single time

you know evaluating pictures evaluating

different areas and different keywords

you know pulling them up on Google Maps

and then finding the County GIS system

to get more data and then eventually

obviously going to my realtor or whoever

I'm working with so I hope that's been


that was a long video but I think I kind

of got into a lot of the details here I

hope you guys enjoyed it if you like it

check us out at the tiny life comm

thanks for watching everyone this is

Ryan Mitchell with the tiny

everyone this is Ryan Mitchell with the

tiny today I wanted to do a

video on how I go about looking for land

searching for land this is something

I've been doing over the past year at

this point so I've learned some things

that I wanted to share about how to kind

of make your land search journey a

little bit easier and one of the tools

and and this

I mainly do the video on today is Zillow


you are in for a treat today I've got a

property I'm going to show you now this

is not one of these level horse farm

places where you can see all your land

in one shot which I personally don't

care for this is a bucolic setting this

is a farm of Adventures of beautiful


it's got woods it's got a pond it's got

an incredible house and it's got this

rolling land that I love so much here

that's all what Kentucky's about well if

I can see all my land in one shot it's

not for me this place is beautiful check

this out we're going down the road here

I'm going to turn in the driveway don't

know how long the driveway is we're

going to find out here real quick I've

got it set on my odometer

there's a little springfed pond down

there you know gravel road is wonderful

I like them you never have to worry

about doing anything with nature kind of

takes care of it but you can have

washouts this guy has put in these

drains every so many feet so you're not

going to have any kind of washout so

this is really one of those no

maintenance driveways you might have to

grade this rock once every 10 years so

you say well how am I going to grade the

rock well when you're on a farm you've

got lots of farmer neighbors and farmer

friends and they all have that equipment

it's just a little greater box they're

only maybe five six hundred bucks anyway

so even if you had to buy one it's not a

big deal

but you know our neighbor just does ours

I I sent him an email a text and say hey

can you come and grade the driveway and

and he does

you've gone 86 acres here this is all

alfalfa over here a beautiful stand of

alfalfa is ready to be cut right now I

don't know if you know much about

alfalfa but it's pretty picking it likes

its feet dry it doesn't like wet feet in

other words you don't want to put it in

a place where it's going to be too much

water and and it's just thriving up here

what a great machine shed you've got

here it's like new this whole property

is like new and super well taken care of

stop here and get a still shot

okay I stopped and got a still image of

the barn and a still image of the house

here we're just coming in now we've got

alfalfa on both sides of the driveway

you think driving and texting is it's

hard to do you should drive in video

tape only kid hey got this that let me

begin at the beginning first of all we

are four tenths of a mile back

so the driveway is approximately four

tenths of a mile long and you're about

halfway back from the end of the prop


okay so here's where I'm parked here's

where the circle driveway is and then

you get this beautiful oak tree we've

had about a hundred of those at my house

and this view from the house is well in

my opinion pretty spectacular you've got

the the alfalfa field here in the back I

mean you got a few acres of alfalfa just

here in the back behind the house and

then you got a little special point over

there I'm going to show that to you but

let's check check out these woods here

you've got true wilderness

so in these ravines that's where the

wildlife is and that's where the

adventures are trails go down there

we've got a road that comes off the

barns up there remember and then we got

a road that goes along here absolutely

spectacular as you can tell little

excited about this place with you see


at the house now it's got a full walkout

basement poured walls and you know how I

feel about port walls that is the only

way to go that's so huge so you got full

walkout here the deck huge deck on the

back and then the walkout you can drive

right up to it so you can load stuff

unload stuff and then it's got this cut

here for drainage so you never have any

kind of water going towards the house

that point out there special I'm going

to show that to you here in just a

second you're going to see that point

remember you about half way back here so

you're four tenths of a mile to the

house more or less and then you're only

half way back to the lake okay so here's

the back of the house we were over there

now we're come up here and then I'm

going to I'm going to pan this way by

the way there's the the furnace you see

you've got the wood-fired furnace you

got all the dirt and the mess and all

that stuff

smelly stuff on the outside and then it

just goes insulated pipes inside and

that's why the electric bill is fifty to

seventy-five dollars a month all year

round it's crazy crazy so look at this

there's more alfalfa and then here you

go right out on this point to that

picnic area I'm going to take you out

there right now let's go

okay so here we are in the back there's

the house as you can see at that little

trail in there and then check this out

got a little fire ring here in a picnic


whoa and the view Wow I mean the view

let's go check it out so this you talk

about coming out and having a glass of

wine with your with your honey you've

got a little planner over here for

flowers and it's all cleaned out and you

can just see forever this is all your

land back here the lake is back in there

and I haven't been back there yet so I

can't tell you where it is but I assume

it's right at the bottom of that this is

beautiful as Gatlinburg and it's your

own land how cool is that now we look on

the plot you'll see where the house is

about half way back about half way back

in the land and then this view here oh

my gosh put a little a little gazebo

house back here

here we're going down the trail to the

lake I want to show you this I'm driving

my suburban down here I mean it's plenty

it's a it's like a road I don't know if

I mentioned - you're not of course

you've got municipal water but he's got

it set up for two more houses with this

400 amp pad transformers so there's

power bar when there's two more lives

you could put you have a family compound

up here very cool okay well let's go on

down here to relate so I just came down

this road here

I just heard red-tailed hawk knuckles at

it it sounds just like an eagle instead

of saying same sound then we just came

down this road and this is that one of

the gear stands so you got a feed plot

here and a deer stand get rode in their

memory you have feed plot and the vo

stand and then you plant different kinds

of things here and you'll attract quail

or you'll attract turkey or your track

deer now there's a little creek here if

you herd them again

oh there you go there you go he's up

there there's two buzzards and then a

red-tailed hawk

he's a immature red tail because he's

pissed Dells not that red they don't get

real red for about three so I've been


anyway there's a creek here and then

there's another plot over there this

place is all about hunting and fishing I

can't wait to see the lake come on let's

go all right we just came through the

trail here and look what we see my

goodness now interestingly this guy is

all about hunting and fishing and stuff

but he doesn't hunt this land this is

all preserved and this is loaded with

fish that he does fish here we got fish

going on we got fish stories we got fish

tales we got fish details how big the

bass are and that sort of thing there's

Canada goose droppings here so we got

beautiful Canada geese Dan's walking up

there just to see what the dams like I

would love to to fly over this pond but

it is so windy today I'm a little bit

afraid to put the bird up anyway this

this looks like Maine or Colorado or oh

my gosh this is so beautiful this is not

a little farm pond here in Kentucky this

is a lake make your Lake

imagine the memories you can make here

there's there's a beautiful like a beach

over there and then you've got this area

here we're on parked where you could

camp out on and this area is cleaned out

a little cabin there a little dock going

in very cool here's a little better view

what's going on there just dozing some

stuff here level this out that's my

suburban there

that's a shared Lake to share it with

your neighbor who is out of town so he

doesn't come up here very much but I

know him personally he's a good guy good

easygoing guy businessman he's fine


okay energy star house six teens here I

didn't even know they made sixteen seer

sixteen seer air units and then it's got

the hot air force hot air system with

the wood burner the exterior wood burn

it's a shaver its main heat man here in

Arkansas they've been in business

thirty-seven years they know what

they're doing yes does this guy know

what he's doing

yes that's his business he installs them

he was installed by him let's wrap

around deck crazy nice going to take you

inside but I'm going to show you the

deck first then the big bump out koi

pond see those Rascals in there swimming

around there they are

and then here's that walkout part the

place is meticulous I mean like freaky

meticulous the guy's a neat freak

obviously he's a detail freak the seller

and isn't that what you want

I mean really that's what I would want

what I want to buy something I want a

guy who is meticulous in his detail and

and everything is done correctly all

right let's go on inside so we're

talking about the mechanicals here just

a second ago it's really three different

sources for your heat it's a heat pump

system it's got four hundred amp service

in this house and heat pump system and

then it's got electric backup and then

it's got it's got a it's got the wood

and this is all clauses like this whole

wall here is just cause it pulls that

the house is not vacant the house is

just real Spartan single guy enough set

so the house is not vacant he actually

lives here every day places you know

clean as a whistle and smells good

all the stuff you want you can always

tell when there's any kind of issue no

issues in this house beautiful beautiful

oh here if we come in the garage if we

came in the garage here we are here

oversized 2-car you come right into the

mudroom love that bench to sit here take

your muddy boots off nice sink and then

right into right into the kitchen and

then this whole living room here which

is great goes right out to the deck and

it's got the blinds inside between the

glass love that a lot of big blinds guy

so to have them when they're clean and

tidy all the time I love that you got

half bath here the hot burner sink let's

go on upstairs oak stairs and you got

the barber here the master suite Wow

gotta love that let's go look at the

other bedrooms first you got full bath

here a small bedroom here this is a

great room great size

and then with the French doors the

master suite Wow

sitting area luxuriant and big jet tub

here double vanity oh and then big

walk-in shower here big welcome charm

it's got it's got a rain head and it's

got the handheld delta love that stuff

because every plumber in the world's got

those cartridges huge walk-in closet and

then access to up in the attic

I've seen the insulation up there it's

like three feet thick and that's crazy

crazy remember I told you guys a detail

freak and I love that okay so now we're

back here at the at the entry and then

let's go on down here this is open

there's not even a pocket door here you

could easily put a door in but this is

such a major part of the living space

here the house was built in Dickey said

oh five

single guy right when the speakers are

bigger than the refrigerator you know

it's a single guy and fresh doors again

with the blinds in between and then

you're right on out here card walls

love it that's a sign of quality guys

that's what you want and then we've got

we've got an office over here which is

nice quiet talk about focusing that's

one of my biggest things I get so many

distractions when I'm in my real office

so tile floor in here and then this is

all the mechanical stuff Wow so think of

this like the car the engines outside

with with the wood and then this is a 16

seer American Standard heat pump you

know we got her of the bath downstairs

so that's what one two and a half baths

at least you got a scan for all this

stuff and then he's got like a like a

bomb shelter storm cellar type thing

safe room we call it a safe room it's

got special air vents that go from the

outside and then this is a steel steel

deal here these are always hollow you

can see these like in your doctor's

office so you've got these steel things

any kind of commercial building here

that it's filled solid with concrete in

fact there you can see it right in there

so this is solid concrete nobody getting

through that one

and there you have it





Hey friends. And today

we're talking about real estate for

beginners. Real estate has a language to

it. And if you understand some of the

most important basic words and

principles, it can help you understand

how to make a lot of money.

So, you want to make a lot of money in

real estate and you got to learn some of

the basic languages. So, what I'm going to do

today is I'm going to take this daunting

vocabulary. And I'm going to help you

understand some of the basics of it that

will help you get into the

whole game of real estate. So, what I've

got is I've got some different words on

the screen and what I'm going to do here is

I'm going to map out what they are and what

they mean. And I think that'll be

helpful for you. So, first of all, let's

start with the most basic word up here.

It's home. Now, I want to be

clear that in real estate we've got

different names for this. When we're

buying a piece of real estate, you have a

lot of different types. One of them is

called a single-family home. S-F-H. And

you'll see that abbreviation if you look

in the ads. Single-family home just

basically means this is a regular home

that one person is meant to rent. Now, all

of a sudden if it is a home that is

split and has two doors, they have a

different name for it. It's called a

duplex, okay? And then of course if you

have gone home with the single door but

it's connected to a whole bunch of other

homes just like it, it's probably called

a condo or a townhouse. So, for me, I

specialize often in this whole game of

single-family real estate. So, S-F-H.

Single-family homes, right? So, that's what

we mean by home. Next, I want to talk

about the word equity, and I want to talk

about the word mortgage. Okay, if I want

to buy a home and let's say this home is


The U.S. Then most people don't have a

$150,000 saved up in the bank.

How are our young people buying houses?

Well, what they'll do is they'll go to a

bank, they'll give the bank a little bit

of money and the bank will give them a

mortgage. The mortgage is and another

name for that is a note. That's where the

bank says, "All right, we looked at your

job history, we looked at the money

you're making, we feel comfortable with

you, we're going to give you a

mortgage." Which means we're going to lend

the money you don't put up." So, let's just

say for a moment, you put up the typical

3%, 5% but for easy math today. We'll call

it 10%. Let's say you came

with $15,000. Then the mortgage would be

for the difference. So, 150 grand minus

this 10% down. Down as in down payment.

Would be the remaining balance of

$135,000. So, I

put $15,000 of the down

payment. And there was

$135,000 mortgage. Now,

that mortgage is going to come with an

interest rate. Because the bank's going to

say, "We're not giving you our money for

free. You got to pay that back over time

plus interest." So, the bank says, "We're

going to do a six percent interest rate."

And you're thinking, "Okay, well if I'm

paying this back over 30 years and I've

got that interest rate", they'll do some

math and they'll tell you essentially

what your payment's going to be. Let's just

assume for this example that your

payment is $800, okay? That's just a guess

out of the wild blue. This $800 is your

mortgage payment, okay? Now, we've got a

home. It's a single-family home, it's not

a duplex, not a condo, it's not a

triplex or multifamily it's just a home

with one door and a doorknob and a happy

family inside their windows and a

chimney-like that. Now, let's say that you

have this home and you decide we're not

going to live there. We're going to rent it

out. Another word for rent is a lease. So, we

are going to lease the home. My mortgage

is $800 but I might get my renters to

pay $1,000 a month. My mortgage payment

is 800. My rent payment or my lease is

for $1,000 a month. So, this is my rent

payment. This is my mortgage payment. And

the difference is that if you have to

pay the bank 800 every month but your

renter gives you a thousand, there's some

leftover money. How much? A thousand minus

800 is 200. What do we call that?

That's called cash flow. And cash flow is

good. So, you buy a property. And let's say

all the sudden that this house... I'm going

to throw you a zinger. Now, this house is

worth $200,000.

It's worth 200, you bought it for 150. You

put $15,000 down, you've got a mortgage

for 135 but it's worth 200. Here's the

question. How much equity does it have?

What's equity? The equity is the

difference between what it's worth and

what you owe. So, in this case, 200,000

minus the 135 is $65,000 of equity. Does

this awesome. Are you learning this

language? You can rewatch this video.

These are the basics that you want to

get real comfortable with. And

literally in the beginning, just copy me.

Just copy what I'm saying because I'm

telling it to you the right way, okay? So,

I've $65,000 of equity, you might say, "But

Kris, what about my $15,000

that I put down?" That's not part of the

equity. Because you would get this $50,000

out plus the 15 you put down.

The equity represents the total amount

between what it's worth and what's owed.

By the way, when you do investment real

estate, you're looking for equity and

you're looking for cash flow. So, I wanted

to, you know, teach you these basics, so

that you understand equity is a very

good thing. Cash flow is a really good

thing. Now, before we get to these 2

real quick. Let's just do a quick summary

of the story that we told so far. This is home. It is a single-family home. Single

dwelling. Meant for one family. It's not a

condo, it's not a townhome and it's not a

duplex, it's not a triplex, it's not

multifamily. And this house, at the time, I

bought it for 150. It was worth 200. I

bought it because it had equity in it.

Right there I bought it it had $50,000

of equity. 200 minus 150. But then I put

$15,000 down to now

have a mortgage of a $135,000

and my total equity

between what it's worth and what's owed

now is $65,000. My mortgage payment is

800 a month. But I chose to

rent it to somebody else. They're paying

me a thousand a month.

That leaves $200 a month

left over every month. That's called cash

flow. Now a couple more things that

you'll want to know so you can tell the

full story. This $800 a month, is that

you're P-I-T-I? What Kris? Principal


Taxes and Insurance. A bank will normally

wrap all four of these core components

into your mortgage payment. The reality

is that your mortgage payment on this

800 might only be like 720. The

other $80 might include principal

interest and then taxes and insurance. So,

your payment, when you make a payment

every month, a part of it goes to

the principal. That means paying off this 135.

A part of it goes to interest because

the bank's got to make money. A part of

it has to go to taxes. They'll

say, "Hey, we don't... You need to make sure you

pay your taxes." Because if you don't then

the county will put a lien on this

property and that will encumber the

property. Encumber means they're going to

weigh it down and the bank says that's a

threat to us because we only want our

loan to be the loan on it. So, every month

we're going to take a twelfth of your taxes

. And after a whole year, we

will have a collective a year's worth of

taxes. And we'll have it automatically

paid off so that you don't get behind on

paying your taxes. And then insurance. The

bank says, "Dude, the house could burn down.

You guys could be crazy responsible or

a freak of nature, the act of God, something

wild happens. If there's a flood, an

earthquake. And if that house gets hurt,

we need to know that our money's not

just lost. So, we're going to have it insured."

Banks will not give you a loan without


So, P-I-T-I stands for Principle and

Interest. That's the core payment for

paying this off overtime plus the

interest. T-I is taxes and insurance. To

make sure that the property doesn't get

encumbered with unnecessary debts added

on that could threaten their mortgage

position. And insurance just means that

it's covered. Now, we've just spent this

video training you on all the basic

language of real estate. Here's the last

one. Buy low, sell high. What does that

mean? I don't want to take it for granted.

You need to know it. Buy low, sell high is

encapsulated in this very basic idea that it was worth

more and I paid less. And if I paid less

and then sold it for more, I would what?

I'd make money. But the question is, how

much of a margin? A new word, margin. What is

the difference between this and that? For


$200,000 represents

my value. $150,000 represents what I paid.

I did put some money down but leaving

that out of it, there's $50,000

of profit to make. When you go to

sell it, if you were wrong on your margin

here and you could only sell it for a

$160,000 then you're

like, " there's still at least a

$10,000 difference between

160 and 150." And then I would say, "What about

realtor fees are 6%?" 6% of 160

thousand it's almost $10,000.

So, that's now wiped out because

there are costs when you sell this stuff, too.

So, you think about all these things. So,

when you buy low, it's like I got to buy

low enough to create a tangible benefit

when I sell high. I got to buy low enough

so there is a significant difference. So

that after all my costs, I still make

enough money that says, "This was

worthwhile for me." Friends, this is the

story of real estate investing. That's

what home, mortgage, equity, lease, rent,

principal, interest, taxes, insurance and

buy low, sell high all mean. And if you

get this languaging down, you're going to

have a 6-month head start on me that

just was confused after my first 6

months of working with my mentors. Let's

just give you the unfair advantage and

get you rocking it out now. Watch this

again. Practice it, learn it. Hey friends,

thank you so much for watching this

video. I hope this information was very

very useful for you. Helpful for you in

learning the basic language of this

incredible world of real estate.

How to be a SUCCESSFUL Real Estate Agent in 7 Steps

how to become a real estate agent.

I'm gonna give you the seven steps you need to take

to become a million-dollar broker like me.

- Hey, can you approve these listings?

- Those listings?

They look great.

I'm gonna show you how I went from being a broke,

lonely real estate agent

to being a big one with this huge team

and five assistants who help me every single day.

- Please sign this cheque.

- Sure, what's it for?

- Don't worry about it.

- Okay.

So, step one,

you need to find the best real estate agent

in your neighborhood

and you need to work for them for free.

Yes, you need to be their intern.

And you're gonna do a lot of things

that you don't like.

Like getting coffee, shredding paper,

getting their dry cleaning.

But when you do this,

it's gonna give you the opportunity

to realize if real estate brokerage is really for you,

with really low risk,

and if you do right by that real estate agents,

they're going to hire you on their team.

- Hey Brian, you have a phone call.

- Thanks, intern.


You wanna know where to get your real estate license?

I'm glad you asked.

The next step is getting your real estate license.

All kidding aside,

getting your real estate license is really, really serious

and the way you do it depends on where you live.

So go to Google or ask your mentor,

who you just interned for,

where they got their real estate license.

It's easy, see.

I can type it in.

How to get your real estate license in Texas?

Pretty simple, scroll down.

Okay, step one, must be at least 18.

Register for and complete 100 hours of the required education.

Either the team leader whom you're interning for,

or the internet will tell you where

and how to get your real estate license.

And what's great, is most times you can do it from home.

You can also do it in person,

which is the way I did it

or you can do it at work or at school.

And what could be really cool,

is if you're doing it at work

because you already have another job

and you're getting your real estate license online,

sometimes the person next to you

wants to do real estate too

and you can ask them may be to join up on your team

and you can be going right away.

Like Bliss, right here.

Dude, I'm getting my real estate license.

You wanna get yours too?

- Nope.

- Okay, so now you got your license.

Now what?

Before you can go out onto the street

and hold up your hand and say,

hi, I'm a real estate agent.

Would you like to buy or sell a home with me?

You need to get your license sponsored by a brokerage.

And better yet,

you wanna join a team.

You don't wanna do what I did when I first started

and work by yourself and not know what to do

because of most real estate agents who start work by themselves

or don't know what to do end up quitting

and doing something else.

So that's not what you wanna do.

And if you did step one,

that mentor is your easiest first way into that team.

And the team's gonna have all the resources, the knowledge,

the know-how, to basically be your continuing education

into the business after you get your license.

And honestly, the best part about a team,

is it's like family

and everybody does everything together.

And they all love each other.

It's super, super cool.

What's up the team?

So you're on a team.

Now, step four,

you build your sphere of influence.

And you do that in two separate ways.

One, you do your warm sphere.

That's your mom, your dad, your foster mom,

your baby daddy,

everyone you knew in first grade,

everyone from Facebook, from Instagram,

you reach out to them and you say,

hi, my name is Bill.

I'm a real estate agent now.

Would you like to buy or sell with me?

I promise you, your first clients are gonna come

from that warm sphere of influence

that you're going to build.

Your next sphere is your cold sphere.

Those are people you meet on the street.

People you meet, like I did, in Starbucks.

Some of my first clients were pregnant women in Starbucks

because they needed more room.

And it's easy to do.

Here, look, I'll show you how to do it right now.

Hey man, my name is Ryan, I'm Real Estate.

Would you like to buy or sell?

Okay, it takes time.

Now you got the ball rolling.

You're licensed, you're on a team,

you've got support,

people are starting to know who you are even on the street.

What's next, step five.

Set up your day for success.

Also known as Finder, Keeper, Doer.

If you read my book

or you take my course,

you'll know that I set up my entire day

and I calendar it so that I can be successful

and generate leads.

Finder is putting on your CEO hat.

Set time in your calendar every day to go out

and think about how you're gonna build your new business

as an entrepreneur

because that's really what real estate agents are.

We are entrepreneurs who go out

and try to find people to buy and sell homes.

Next, you're gonna set a little time for the keeper.

Keeper time is like the CFO.

Keeper time is the time you're gonna focus on advertising money.

How am I going to go out there

and spend money to make money

'cause scared money doesn't make money.

Maybe that's taking $10 that I have in my pocket

and going to Starbucks

and getting a couple of lattes for people

that could be clients.

Maybe that's doing a mailer

and putting stamps on postcards.

Whatever it might be,

you have something to spend to make money.

And then lastly, is the doer time.

Doer time is the operation.

That's you actually putting the stamps on that postcard.

That's you actually running up and down the street,

showing the apartments,

painting the walls of the little studio

that you just got to rent for $600 a month.

Finder, Keeper, Doer, FKD.

You structure your day for success that way

and you will grow your business

as a successful sales entrepreneur,

I guarantee it.

Okay, so your day is structured.

You're starting to build up your sphere of influence.

You are networking your ass off,

you're using the other agents in your office,

you're helping them maybe running their open houses

and you're building.

Now you feel like a true salesperson.

Now what?

Now it's step six,

probably my biggest action item.

Maybe the most effective step.

That's the three F's,

Follow up, follow-through, follow back.

It's how I really have built my entire business.

By structuring my day, finder, keeper, doer,

by working with other agents

and networking my butt off

and following up like it's my job

'cause it is my job

because I'm a real estate agent

and that's what real estate agents do.

We follow up,

we follow through and we follow back.

So the first F is follow up.

That's making sure everybody I meet on the street,

everyone I talked to,

I stay on top of them until they die.

And their grandparents.

I'm kind of joking, kind of not.

That's my job.

I'm gonna follow up with everybody

because when they think real estate,

I want them to think, Ryan.

Then you've got follow through.

Following through is the easiest thing to do.

But the one that people have the hardest time with.

It's just doing what you say you're going to do.

If you meet someone, at an event,

and they say,

actually, I am looking for a home, cool.

And you say,

I'm gonna send you something, right now.

But I said when I get home,

I will send you a listing.

Do it.

It blows my mind how many real estate agents

out there say they're going to do something

and then they don't do it.

And then probably the most important F is following back.

Anyone that you've ever met,

anyone you've ever worked with,

going back to them.

Hey, happy birthday.

Hey, congrats on your one year closing anniversary.

The house across the street from you just sold

for a record price.

Aren't you happy you got the deal you did?

Follow up, follow-through, follow back.

Those are the three Fs, which is step six.

You do that on top of everything else.

You're now well on your way to crushing it.

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Step seven, and I can't stress this enough,

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Build real estate agent relationships next to you,

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Now there are social media.

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So do that,

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Become that people-finder

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And a bonus step, step eight.

I know the caption.

The video said that they were the seven steps

to becoming a real estate agent

and that's true,

but one little bonus step

that I wanna give to you especially is,

everybody else in the professional workforce,

trains, they study.

Think about professional athletes,

they make so much money.

They spend 95% of their time practicing.

And only 5% of their time, in their life,

playing games that we watch.

Salespeople, for some reason,

don't think that way.

They spend 95% of their time in games.

Maybe they're with clients,

talking to people on the phone,

not practicing, not studying at all, thinking to themselves,

oh, I'll just get more experience and I'll learn more.

And then they spend maybe 5% of their time

maybe taking a course here and there.

They don't focus enough.

And so I'm imploring to you as my last little bonus step.

I want you to focus,

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Being the best salesperson you can be,

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