Classified advertising may be a kind of 

advertising that is especially common in 

newspapers, on-line and different periodicals 

which can be sold or distributed freed from 


Classified advertisements square measure

 less expensive than larger show 

advertisements employed by businesses,

 though show advertising is additional 

widespread. They were conjointly 

ordinarily known as "want" ads, beginning

 in 1763.

How To Post 100s Of Free Ads On Classifiedads - Generate Lots Of FREE Traffic

hello guys Marvin Williams here today

with a brand new update with a with a

new release software from the bill my

income daily system and basically this

software allows you to post classified

ads on

and let me just go over here really

quick to the classified website and show

you guys this is the website right here

that we just finished up finishing up a

software that's gonna allow you to post

on several inside several categories

inside the website

and for those people that's been you

know using classified ads you know this

website is right up there with back page

and pretty much Craigslist when it comes

to getting targeted leads and stuff for

your business so anyway let me just go

back over to the software and show you

how this actually work because you can

post you know a couple hundred ads

within about 30-40 minutes easily on

classified ads com

this is the only software that's out

right now that I know about nobody else

has this software right now that like I

said before that I know about guys so

anyway let me just go over here to the

software and show you how this all works

because this is a powerful software

that's gonna allow you to really build

your business so basically what you have

here is the cities for the US Mexico

Canada the United Kingdom Australia -

Pacific India and the Caribbean so what

you would do is you're gonna select the

category that you want to be posted into

and if you're gonna be posted in this

service you can select from the category

share on the service so we have


versus Tustin Wellness marketing

services real estate training education

web design Tech and then you can come on

on the community and it has free stuff

items wanted under the jobs which is

where I post a lot of my ads under the

job section so I little jobs you're

gonna have accountant booking business

opportunity cleaning jobs construction

job so you have a whole slew of sections

under the job section are here well

under the job category and then we have

items for sales so you have a lot of

different sections that you can choose

and we also going to be adding a lot

more category so I later on but to get

started I just want to show you guys how

it is all work and how you can use this

to really build your business so I'm

gonna go ahead and select the business

opportunities and what I'm gonna do is

click on apply and that's gonna

automatically load all of the cities for

the United States so I want my ad to

expire within nine months okay now you

can put a name here or you can select

random and the software gonna randomly

put names in there for you if you don't

you can just let it stay blank it's

totally up to you it uses the name from

your account on on the classify nights

calm website so other than come down

here you can also add your phone number

if you choose to or you don't have to

add anything it's totally up to you or

you can add your number just select

private or you can come down here select

city or you can select random now I'm

gonna show you several different ways

that you can use this to your advantage

because you can write some headlines

where you telling people you know work

from home with inside for instance Miami

Florida you don't have to put that here

okay you can put that right here you

select these boxes and right here it

would automatically put the city at the

end of all your odd title so

it would say in Miami right here okay if

I select the state as well it'll say in

Miami Florida very very easy guys I'm

not gonna use the cities in my ad title

right now but I'm gonna go ahead and

show you how simple is this to go ahead

and use I'm gonna let all of this other

stuff your stay blank so I'm not gonna

use any of this in here I'm gonna come

over and I'm gonna SEO optimized my ad

what its gonna do is it's gonna take my

ad title and it's gonna put it inside

the odd description to the body so it's

semi armed optimize the the search

engine for for you as well when you're

placing your ads so I'm gonna select

that I'm gonna come down here and well

I'm gonna go back up to the top grab my

ad titles and it tells you how you can

actually upload your ads so that you can

upload them in a list format or you can

upload them in a spintax format so

excuse me I'm gonna just go over here

okay so now I'm gonna go into my

onedrive whoo I keep all of mine my ads

and my softwares and stuff so I could

use them on different computers so let's

go over here into my business center

mark it in my ads and go to my programs

and this is gonna be for build my income

daily and my title is gonna be right

here so this is these are my headlines

okay so I'm gonna grab my headline now

I'm gonna go back and get my description

now the description guys you can use one

line or you can use spin text the same

way is how you use them inside the if

you have the bill my income daily back

page you're a Facebook poster and works

the same way so I'm gonna come over here

select my description and it tells you

right here you can put them in list

format and this format is one AD per

line okay a one description for line

going straight down but I have my own so

and spin format so I'm gonna just go

ahead and do that go back to my onedrive

where I have my acts programs

my income daily my body right here body

tax select that I want to use images

okay so I'm gonna come over here go to

select my images and it's gonna tell you

the images format jpg gif and PNG and it

has to be less than 8 megabytes so

select okay and then now I'm going to go

back to my onedrive again

okay make sure find it

okay so there we go so there's my

onedrive going to my business center

market in ads and dad got my images and

select okay 57 and images in that folder

and there is only images within that

folder guys now I'm not gonna be using

any proxies we're automatically changes

my IP address and all the other stuff

I'm not gonna use that I'm just gonna

put ten seconds in here okay this is the

timer and between posts so I'm gonna

come down and I'm gonna make sure and

select an account that I want to use so

I'm going to select I want to post to

all accounts which means it's gonna post

every single one of them so I'm gonna go

ahead and click on ten here again so

I'll put in ten here in the box

and what I want to do is I want to make

sure that I can use the ad over here to

make sure I'm using a live account so

what I'm gonna go ahead and do is show

you guys because in order to do this you

need to have an arm classified ad

account already created so I'm gonna go

back over here and go to my marketing

classified ads my accounts and the

account that I'm gonna go ahead and use

is gonna be make sure I'm not using one

of them and another software

okay so I'm gonna go ahead and use this

account right here I'll just use this

one here right now so if we just grab

this one here they'll wait I already

have the ads uh but my already helped my

accounts formatted inside the file here

so what I'm gonna do is go over to

classified ads and I'm going to go ahead

and post an ad or I'll actually let me

just try and log in first

okay so this is my account right here

okay so what I'm gonna do now is this is

the count here that I'm using guys so

I'm gonna go ahead and upload a file

sorry I can just log out of here so that

account is already created so what I'm

gonna do is go back into the software

and I'm gonna click on accounts and it's

telling me right here the format that it

needs to be in and my file so what you

and you up when you put in your your

account that it's gonna be the email and

then it's gonna be the colon here

followed by the password okay so I

select okay go back into my onedrive

here mark it in classified ads my

account and the account that I'm doing

this on is this one right here so I just

select that that's already in that

format in that file so I select okay

that only shows one account or you can

upload more than one account but I'm

using only one account at this time you

can put multiple accounts in with inside

the same file so I'm gonna just go ahead

and click on start ok so what it's gonna

do okay so let me just make sure that

the software is activated okay so that's

activated and let me just go ahead and

start again okay so now it's gonna give

you the option if you want to post to

just Alabama you can do that you can

check off whatever box that you want to

but I want to post to all the cities

inside the US so I'm gonna just go ahead

and check all right here so it

automatically selects them and I click

OK once you click OK the software starts

posting and as soon as the software for

the I stopped posting about 2 or 3 room

I'm gonna log in and show you guys how

these how this is actually working ok so

just wait for that one there's posting

to remain home right now that would be

it'll wait another 10 seconds as you can

see right there post in the next one so

that's two ads that's already been

posted already okay so now let's post in

another one into Huntsville and if I

were to go into the to that website

classified ads calm and then go to mice

yes stuff right yeah that's already

login to that account like I showed you

before and make sure I selected the

right one so there it is there was the

first ad right there okay and shows the

views over here so right if I go over to

this if I open that up it's gonna show

my ad right here okay so this is the ad

it automatically loads the image from

the image folder so if I go over here to

the ad this is the ad right here so if I

select this just wait for that to load

okay so there is my ad right here okay

and this is another ad that I have in

here that's from a lot of computer

that's posting as well at the same time

oh really really simple guys I mean you

can get it you can be posting hundreds

of ads every single day inside this are

classified ads com getting a lot of

leads getting them making a lot of sales

for your business or what you know or

what evidence that you're doing so

anyway that's it I just wanted to show

you this new software that we just

released inside the build my income

daily Platinum level and we're also

gonna be releasing it oh one other thing

guys I didn't even mention which is very

important you do not have to buy

CAPTCHAs for this and it solves all of

the captures our what inside this the

software itself that's gonna allow you

to save at least a hundred dollars a

month I'm using this software okay

really easy real simple I mean we trying

to make these software's now as simple

as possible so if you're not inside to

build my income daily system I highly

recommend you getting into it or if you

want to get the software by itself we're

also gonna be selling them individually

without having to sign up your arm for

to build my income daily our system but

I mean you get a bigger deal and then

you get lot more software as I went

inside to build my income daily system

so anyway Marvin Williams jeff signing