on this video I'm gonna show you how to

make between three thousand to forty

five thousand dollars per month simply

by posting ads no selling no explaining

no convincing no begging your family and

friends and no talking to a single

person this is so stupid simple anybody

can do it never heard of this place

it's called Craigslist but did you know

that it's the biggest prospect goldmine

in the world over 60 million people use

Craigslist every month think about that

eighty million ads are posted on

Craigslist every month and get this

fifty billion page views on Craigslist

every month yes I would say it's one of

the biggest Prospect gold mines in the

world and yet very few show people take

advantage of it I'm gonna show you how

you can make between three thousand to

forty five thousand dollars per month

simply posting ads on Craigslist so if

you're ready let's begin I average

between 75 to 200 prospects looking at

my sales page for every ad I post on

Craigslist that now this is over a 30

day period because your ads stay up for

30 days so an average of 75 to 200

prospects for every ad you post now if

you average just one to five sales per

ad like I am here is your potential

earnings you post one ad every day if

you just post one ad every day that's an

average ad cost of 150 to $750 per month

depends on which city postal mitt

so once ad once sale times 30 ads equals

$3,000 a month and how long does it take

to post an ad on Craigslist about 2 to 3

minutes we'll say 3 minutes

so you're gonna work three minutes every

day in post one ad and you can earn

$3,000 a month

this is stupid simple everybody should

be doing this all right

what if you average two sales times 30

ads at $6,000 a month for working three

minutes per day three sales is 9000 four

sales is 12,000 and five sales times 30

ads which is very doable if you follow

up with your prospects that's $15,000 a

month for three minutes worth of work

every day you know we got people out

here working 40 50 60 hours a week and

they don't even make 500 a week and you

can work three minutes a day and make

$15,000 a month you tell me which one

would you rather do what if you post two

ads every day the average ad cost would

be between three hundred and fifteen

hundred a month but who cares because

the ROI is through the roof one sale

times 60 ads of six thousand two sales

is twelve thousand three sales is

eighteen thousand four sales is twenty

four thousand and if you follow up you

have good follow up you should be able

to get five sales that's $30,000 a month

oh I forgot you posted to a so so you

have to spend six minutes per day to

make thirty thousand dollars a month

it's a no-brainer

what about post three ads every day this

last one I'll do the year average ad

cost would be between 450 to 2250 per

month but your ROI is through the roof

once sale times 90 ads nine thousand

dollars a month for nine minutes of work

every day would you exchange nine

minutes a day for nine thousand a month

folks nine thousand a month do you

realize that about ninety five percent

of the population they don't make that

you would be in the top percentage of

income earners in the world spending

nine minutes a day working to sales ties

the idea ads is eighteen thousand three

sales is 27,000 for sales of thirty six

thousand and if you have good follow-up

you should be able to make five sales

times ninety aunts that's forty five

thousand dollars a month work in just

nine minutes per day there is nothing

like this on the planet

get started today

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Advertisements in an exceedingly newspaper

 ar usually short, as they're charged for by 

the road or word, and ar one article wide.

Publications printing news or different data

 typically have sections of classified 

advertisements; there also are publications

 that contain solely advertisements.

The advertisements ar classified into 

classes or categories like

 "for sale—telephones", "wanted—kitchen 

appliances", and "services—plumbing", thus 

the term "classified".

Classified ads usually comprise 2 types:

 people advertising sales of their personal 

product, and advertisements by native businesses.

Some businesses use ads to rent new staff.

One issue with newspaper classified 

advertising is that it does not enable 

pictures, albeit show ads, that do enable

 pictures, is found within the classified 



      In recent years the term "classified advertising"

 or "classified ads" has distended from 

just the sense of print advertisements in 

periodicals to incorporate similar varieties 

of advertising on laptop services,

radio, and even tv, significantly cable tv

 however sometimes broadcast tv yet, 

with the latter occurring usually terribly 

early within the morning hours.[citation needed]

Like most sorts of written media, the classified 

 advertisement has found its thanks to the web, 

as newspapers have taken their classified ads

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benefits of classified advertising.

Internet ads don't usually use per-line 

valuation models, so that they tend to be longer.

They are also searchable, unlike printed 

material, tend to be local,[citation needed] 

and may foster a greater sense of urgency 

as a result of their daily structure and wider 

scope for audiences.

Because of their self-regulatory nature and 

low value structures, some firms supply free 

classifieds internationally.

Other firms focus principally on their native 

town region, whereas others blanket urban 

areas by victimization communicating codes.

Craigslist.org was one in every of the primary 

on-line classified sites, and has grownup to 

become the most important classified supply, 

bringing in over 14 million unique visitors a 

month according to

Comscore Media Metrix.[citation needed] A 

growing variety of websites and firms have 

begun to supply specialised classified 

marketplaces on-line, catering to niche 

market products and services, such include 

boats, pianos,

pets, and adult services, amongst others.

In several cases, these specialised services 

give higher and additional targeted search

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A number of on-line services referred to 

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 hostile hoping on manually submitted listings.

Additionally, other companies provide online 

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Social classifieds is a growing niche.